Polkukyltit / The Path Signs artwork on Vartiosaari island in Helsinki since 2012

It has been a some kind of sort brake with my websites updates, because of my work as läänintaiteilija (specialist and coordinator) at Arts Promotion Centre Finland (ex Arts Council) in 2015-2018. However, in my artist work, I have been working (mostly) with two main artworks within these years (of course others as well). Katoava paratiisi (Passing/Moribund Paradise) – Vartiosaari, video artwork and Polkukyltit (The Path Signs). Both of these artworks are concentrated Vartiosaari, the island which WAS planned to build up for housing. Here I have a video about the Polkukyltit, unfortunately so far only in Finnish. Polkukyltit / The Path Signs by Anu Miettinen on Vimeo


HejHylje! 2017

I was honoured  to participate in the project called HejHylje! 2017, where 40 artists/artist groups made 40 seals for the unique artworks. The works was made for to protect Baltic Sea, 50% of sales was given for to save the Baltic Sea. The project was part of the Finland 100 Year anniversary programme.  I was honoured to be part of the project.

HejHylje! 2017_by_AnuMiettinen

A link for the video of the opening event in June 12, 2017. I am the last speaker (in Finnish).

My interview text about the artwork (in Finnish).