Un Béso / Suudelma 2008

Director / Author: Anu Miettinen
Original Title: Un Beso, Suudelma, The Kiss
English Title: The Kiss
Type: Visual Art, Media Art, Performative Video Art
Year of Release: 2008
Duration: 00:02:26:05 (MenuDVD) or as loop
Country: Finland
Shooting Format: miniDV
Original Format: miniDV
Sound Original: Stereo
Colour: Colour
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Language: No Language
Music: Marko Timlin
Production: Anu Miettinen

Synopsis in English:
In the Kiss the loving couple walk on the beach and play. The love and the passion can not be without noticing. But the tension of the culture follows with them. Where is the border for allowed or forbidden? How would a loving couple from Helsinki act in the same situation? The video is at the same time both documentary and performatary. I was shooting the sea when suddenly these unknown people came to perform this dace of love for the camera. Maybe this was their love´s rebell: to be see, as a loving couple.