La Sal / Suola 2011

Director / Author / Writer: Anu Miettinen
Original Title: La Sal, Suola, The Salt
English Title: The Salt
Type: Visual Art, Media Art, Performative Video Art
Year of Release: 2011/08
Duration: 00:07:45:18 (MenuDVD) or as loop
Country: Finland
Shooting Format: MiniDV
Original Format: miniDV
Performance Format: DVD
Sound Original: Stereo
Music: Antti Katajisto
Colour: Colour
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Language: No Language
Supporters: Arts Council of Finland, Media Art
Performers: Aija, Anu, Milena
Production: Anu Miettinen

Synopisis in English:
In La Sal, three women make snow angel movements on a salt floor. Moving in unison or in different and mutually adapting rhythms, they leave traces in the salt. The video is part of a series entitled Together Yhdessä which investigates interaction and existence on an abstract level using materials and the adaptability of the environment as its medium. Evoking the perspectives of the individual, society and even that of a machine part, the videos in the series establish a rhythm that bears a subtle resemblance to the motions of industrial machinery in Chaplin’s Modern Times. The videos are performative and painterly: How to live in harmony and interaction, combining one’s own needs with those of others? How to act, if there is no harmony or you cannot find it? – The Together Yhdessä videos constitute the second part of a larger series entitled Transparent.