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In the meantime, you can visit Circulation‘s website at: https://circulationartwork.weebly.com/

Circulationis a touchable and conceptual place-bound work about climate change, forests, and Finnish forest culture. The place of implementation is Finnmörk in Iceland and online. The collaboration with the project started at the end of 2019.


This seedling in the picture is one of the seedlings that left Finnish nurseries at the beginning of December 2019. Due to the coronavirus, the seedling was quarantined in the Icelandic Forest Sector’s nursery before planting in Finnmörk until August 2021. In this picture, it has already survived one winter in Finnmörk. 5/2022.


Authorities of the Embassy of Finland, Iceland, and Forest Society of Reykjavik are planning the area and walking the planned path with visual artist Anu Miettinen at Finnmörk, Heidmörk. 5/2022

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Finnmörk, in Heidmörk, Iceland. 8/2021<br />

Finnmörk, in Heidmörk, Iceland. 8/2021

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