Santo II / Pyhä II / Saint II 2014


Director/ Author / Script: Anu Miettinen
Original Title: Santo II, Pyhä II, The Saint II
English Title: The Saint II
Type: Visual Art, Media Art, Performative Video Art
Year of Release: 2014
Duration: 00:04:29:03 (MenuDVD) or as loop
Country: Suomi
Shooting Format: MiniDV
Original Format: miniDV
Sound Original: Stereo
Music: Antti Katajisto
Colour: Colour
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Language: No dialog
Performers: Aija, Anu, Ipe, Kirsi, Mitja, Päivi, Shane
Production: Anu Miettinen
Supporters: Taiteen keskustoimikunta, mediataidejaosto

Synopsis in English:
Apart from sanctity, Saint II also refers to rites, eternity and primordiality, perhaps even to utopia, but not to any religion or religions. It explores the experience of holiness and how it can be shared either in interaction or alone. Nature is (and has been) a holy place for Finns, which is why Saint II was shot in a fern grove in Helsinki. Saint II is one of the works in the video series called Together Yhdessä, which comprises one half of the two-part work Transparent. The performative and painterly videos examine interaction and existence through abstraction and the malleability of matter and the environment.